September 3, 2017 – Social Justice Film

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Social Justice Film Series

The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples
Sunday,  September 3, 2017 
(Labor Day Weekend)
12:45 pm
Free Admission

The Uprising of ’34

Workers protesting at the gates of a textile mill. Credit: UPI/Bettman

Labor Day marchers in 1934. Credit: UPI/Bettman

Filmmaker George Stoney and Judith Helfand. Credit: Courtesy of The Uprising of ’34

In 1934, Southern textile workers took the lead in a nationwide strike that saw half a million walk off their jobs in the largest single-industry strike in the history of the United States. For a time, these new union members, in response to New Deal legislation, stood up for their rights and became a force to be reckoned with in the South. Then management moved in and crushed the strike. Some mill workers were murdered, thousands more were blacklisted, and many were so intimidated that “union” became a dirty word in Southern communities for decades to come.

View trailer: The Uprising of “34

Filmmakers: George Stoney, Judith Helfand and Susanne Rostock


59 Minutes

All photos are from: American Documentary, Inc.

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