Fellowship Church maintains formal and informal relations with representatives of various religious communities. Worship services, forums, seminars, and special events are held to probe and celebrate the richness, diversity and oneness of the spiritual quest.

Services for worship and special programming incorporate the creative arts as an essential part of the life and ministry of Fellowship Church. Concerts, art exhibits, and theater productions celebrate the presence of the divine revealed in a diversity of expressions.

Our Commitment 

The founding purpose of Fellowship Church is expressed in our Commitment:

  • I affirm my need for a growing understanding of all people as children of God and I seek after a vital experience of God as revealed through Jesus of Nazareth and other great religious spirits whose fellowship with God was the foundation of their fellowship with all people.
  • I desire to share in the spiritual growth and ethical awareness of people of varied national, cultural, racial, and creedal heritage united in a religious fellowship.
  • I desire the strength of corporate worship through membership in The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples with the imperative of personal dedication to the working out of God’s purpose here and in all places.