The vision of The Church for the Fellowship of all Peoples in the 21st century is to continue as a place of worship where all people are affirmed as children of God.

The vision that impelled our beginnings has been described by Dr. Thurman in the following manner: “The movement of the Spirit of God in the hearts of [people] often calls them to act against the spirit of their times or causes them to anticipate a spirit which is yet in the making. In a moment of dedication, they are given wisdom and courage to dare a deed that challenges and to kindle a hope that inspires.”

In a real sense, we are trying to live and experience for ourselves whether or not it is true that experiences of spiritual unity and fellowship are more compelling than the fears and dogmas and prejudices that separate us, and if these experiences over time would be able to undermine any barrier that separates us from the “other”?

That legacy is being extended in creative and profound ways today. Join us in exploring the growing edge of spirituality and social transformation so that, in the words of Sue Bailey Thurman, “there will be no past greater than our future.”

We hope that you will Catch the Vision by joining us for any and all of the following: worship, Social Justice Film Series, and/or our annual Convocation each October.