The membership of the Church is open to any person who is willing to accept its commitment, to participate in its programs, and to share in its responsibilities.

Using the terms interchangeably, dual membership and member-at-large makes it possible for a person to become a member of Fellowship Church, and at the same time hold his or her membership in whatever faith or practice that gives meaning to their own life.  It is also a way for some people who live in other parts of America and the world to help sustain the legacy of this fellowship.

To become a member-at-large, and perhaps hold a dual membership, a person would have to communicate his or her understanding of the four guiding principles [the declaration, the commission, the commitment, and the membership] to the ministerial staff.  In addition, we would like for the person to visit our church in San Francisco.  After the visit, he or she would sign a commitment to become a member of The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples.